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2019年12月大學英語統考試題二十-大學英語 B 試卷

責任編輯_|诺基亚5250软件下载:胡靜婕 發布日期||_郑州基础教育教研网:2019年11月21日 來源-_东北二嫂水仙车震ed2k:學賽網



1_|6120c软件下载、- I've passed the examination.- _______

A--|易旺彩票是合法的吗?:What a pity.

B_-松原地震最新消息2018:I hate the exam.


D--_2m永久资料全年开:Come on.

答案_101号宠物恋人2: C

2-|csol抽奖技巧、- Have a nice holiday!- _________

A-|沈绛红:You have it too.

B|-|宁波宠物领养:You do too.

C-|-阜新苏阳不雅视频:The same as you.

D-白马军神传:The same to you.

答案|_-动感最划算: D

3|038彩票正规吗?、- I'm sorry. I lost the key.- _____________

A-|众彩网是正规的吗:Well, it's OK.

B|-_阿杰路:No, it's all right.

C|__夸家乡的日记:You are welcome.

D__小黄视频:You are wrong.

答案_1288彩票是正规网站吗?: A

4|-queena什么意思、- Wow! This is a marvelous room! I've never known you're so artistic.- ______

A_-_234彩票网络平台:Great, I am very art-conscious.

B|--云顶彩票平台:Don't mention it.

C|电信iphone4s套餐:Thanks for your compliments.

D_-_角竹光寿猜一成语:It's fine.

答案_|360彩票杀号时时彩: C

5||-电源功率计算器、- Could I speak to Don Watkins, please?- ________

A-|反间谍工作的主管单位是:Speaking, please.

B--花厂峪:Oh, how are you?

C|_-揭刘汉留下多少遗产:I'm listening.

D--板城中学:I'm Don.

答案_||中国最大的七星彩加急版交换论坛: A


1_--118表示什么意思、 Computers can injure you. 電腦會傷害到你-_报考省份的代码。 Most other injuries happen suddenly. For example-掌上购彩app是不是骗局,if you fall off a bike and break your arms_|相信自己 mp3,it happens very quickly. But computer injuries

happen slowly.

You probably know how to ride a bike safely. Now learn to use a computer safely.

Your eyes

Too much light can injure your eyes__南汇酒吧斗殴视频,so never sit too close to a computer screen. Your eyes should be at least 50cm from the screen. Remember to look away from it sometimes. This gives your eyes a rest.

When you use a computer, the window should be on your left or your right. If it is behind you, the light will reflect on (反射) the screen. If the window is in front of you, the sun and the screen will both shine into your eyes.

Your hands and wrists

Hand and wrist injuries can happen because the hands and wrists are moved in the same way hundreds of times. If you use a keyboard for a long time|龙之谷单刷,follow these three rules:1) Rest your wrists on some thing. 2) Keep your elbows (肘) at the same height as the keyboard. 3) Stop sometimes and exercise your hands-老司机导航 原avsoso,wrists and fingers in a different way.

Your back

Some people sit for many hours in front of a computer. If you sit in the wrong way__港西二手房,you can injure your back or your neck. So you should sit with your back straight. The top part of the screen should be in front of your eyes. Your forearms-_复仇者之死qvod,wrists_|透明售房网杭州,hands and the upper part of your legs should all be parallel (平行) to the floor. If you are sitting for a long time-千山暮雪粤语,get up every 30 minutes and exercise your arms|月球知识,legs and neck.

Enjoy your computer__绿酷高,but use it safely.

(1)--开店流程、A computer screen may injure your eyes if your eyes are too close to it.



答案_|108娱乐app: A

(2)--_台湾杨帆、Hand and wrist injuries are caused when you get plenty of exercise.



答案|_南京联单印刷: B

(3)_-爱财部落、Your eyes and hands will be safe if you often take rests from working.



答案___118彩票下载安装: A

(4)|-注册送彩金彩票大全、It is good for your back and neck if you sit in the right way.



答案|-390彩票网址: A

(5)_|-闪聚、The best title for the text is "How to Protect Your Eyes."



答案_勇士vs步行者: B

2_|台湾身份证号生成器、 Places to stay in Britain are as varied as the places you visit. 在英國_|祥康快车王晗,住的地方隨著你遊覽地點的不同而有所區別|||优彩网靠谱吗。Whatever your budget is the choice -from basic barn to small hotel, from tiny cottage to grand castle - is all part of fun.


Cheap, good-value hostels are aimed at all types of like-minded travelers, who prefer value over luxury and you don't have to be young or single to use them. Britain's independent hostels and backpackers hostels also offer a great welcome. Facilities and prices vary, especially in rural areas, where some hostels are a little more than a bunkhouse (臨時住房) while others are remarkably comfortable - almost like bargain hotels.

Youth Hotels

Founded many years ago to "help all, especially young people of limited means, to a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside", the Youth Hotels Association is still going strong in the 21st century. The network of 230 hotels is a perfect gateway for exploring Britain's towns and countryside.


The B&B (bed and breakfast) is a Great British institution, In essence you get a room in somebody's house, and small B&Bs may only have one guest room, so you'll really feel like part of the family. Larger B&Bs may have four or five rooms and more facilities, but just as warm as a welcome.

In country areas your B&B might be in a village or an isolated farm surrounded by fields. Prices reflect facilities: and usually run from around £12 to £20 per person. City B&Bs charge about £25 to £30 per person, although they're often cheaper as you go further out to the suburbs.

Pubs & Inns

As well as selling drinks and meals, Britain's pubs and inns sometimes offer B&B, particularly in country areas. Staying a night or two can be great fun and puts you at the heart of the local community.

Rates range from around £15 to £25 per person. Pubs are more likely to have single rooms.

(1)-|-媚行深宫 菏泽天下、In this passage the author mainly ________.

A_--2019年网售彩票会开吗?:tells us where to stay while visiting Britain

B_||红罂粟之生死之间:advises readers to pay a visit to Britain

C|-诺基亚6120ci软件下载:introduces the wonderful public services in Britain

D_银河国际博彩:gives us some information about British life

答案_永胜国际福彩: A

(2)___卓易彩票安装、________ are mainly built for young visitors.

A|--掌上彩票下载苹果手机:Pubs & Inns

B_敕令大将军到此:Youth Hotels



答案-|定位修改: B

(3)__玩具熊不要冬眠、If you travel alone and want to know better about family life in Britain, you'd better stay in ________.

A-_adsl密码终结者2005:Pubs & Inns

B-_-博医堂保元汤:Youth Hotels



答案_家庭小炒500款图片: D

(4)--哪有那种电影、If you are interested in travelling with your friends but only with limited means, where is the better place for you to stay? _________.

A|_12306智行火车票:Pubs & Inns

B_|18068期胜负彩开奖时间:Youth Hotels



答案|_|canster: C

(5)||_台服vpn、Which of the following is NOT true according to the last part of the passage? __________

A_|赢太多钱博彩公司会追杀吗:Pubs and inns usually provide visitors bed and breakfast.

B---teemzone钱包怎么样:all pubs and inns offer visitors bed and breakfast.

C---优乐彩彩票能提现吗:Pubs and inns charge a visitor £25 at the most.

D__-长次郎:If you want a single room, you are more likely to get one in pubs.

答案-|快乐大本营致青春: B


1_-|戴拿奥特曼国语全集、_______ these honours he received a sum of money.





答案--|张羽 央视: C

2-||易彩富民地、Of all the students in our class, Betty writes ___________.

A-_东莞酒店一条龙服务:very carefully

B--至尊彩下载:most carefully

C|-|老师给学生毕业赠言:more carefully

D|-_金范金素恩小说:the most carefully

答案_赢彩彩票靠谱吗: B

3-|_泰民我们结婚了停拍、The plane was about to _______, and yet I left my ticket behind.

A|168彩票网站正规吗:take off

B--优彩网靠谱吗:take on

C--|不丹国王:take up

D|-|永盛彩票正规吗:take in

答案|诺尔丝假发: A

4___宋祖德近况、You have finished the work, _____you?





答案--|云顶彩票注册送45元: A

5-|河南省2017年度学生参加校外培训、Jim takes the medicine ________the doctor says.



C_--ipad tv6电视棒密码:what


答案_-_手机2011qq官方下载正式版免费: A


Many Chinese students don't pay much attention to spoken English at school. 許多中國學生在學習時不太重視英語口語_电子邮箱号码大全。 They think it necessary to practice speaking English in class. Here is a story to show you how important it is to speak the English language 1 in everyday life.

A foreigner once got hungry and went into a restaurant in London. He sat down at a table.

When the waiter came, he opened his mouth, put his fingers 2 it and took them out again in order to express that he wanted something to eat for he could not speak English.

The waiter soon brought a cup of tea. The man shook his head. The waiter then took away the tea and brought a cup of coffee. The man again shook his head. The man tried again and again, but he wasn't able to make 3 understood. Finally another man came in. He spoke English clearly and fluently. In a few minutes, there was a large plate of meat and vegetables on the table 4 him.

So you see a man often goes hungry if he doesn't 5 a foreign language.







答案-|盈彩国际输钱还能要回: B







答案|365彩票平台可靠吗: A







答案-|_创业 我们的故事: D







答案_|纳丹堡论坛: C





D_-_veor moda:himself


答案-北京市委书记是谁: E


(1)-_郑州大学附属卫校、John and his brother differ in personality even if their differences in age are not significant. 盡管約翰和他哥哥在年紀上相差不大-|新娘之无悔的爱,但他們的個性卻不相同_|科尔沁绿原网。

(2)__qq自由幻想图标点亮、Would you mind turning down the radio? 你不介意把廣播聲調小一點吧?

(3)-|至尊争霸彩票邀请码、The price of gasoline will come down in Chinese market. 中國市場上的汽油價將會下降--ovi套件。

(4)_-窖口客运站网上订票、I'll call you as soon as I arrive. 我一到就給你打電話|--12315投诉彩票网站。






Television has its good as well as bad sides. It makes us informed of daily news, lets us know the outside world, provides lessons for learners, and it has brought joy and interest into people’s lives.

Unfortunately, some television programs have been extremely harmful to the young. Violent movies are shown on TV programs. Children regard the murders as heroes or models, so they imitate. Therefore there happened many murders or shooting cases in American campuses. What a big harm.

So young people should learn to get ride of the bad influences of TV and learn to make use of the advantages that TV brings us.

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